Tips to Motivate and Engage Your Employee Base

As the economic climate continues to persist it has been a challenge for all leaders to maintain morale and continuously improve customer service standards. In all work environments leaders have been asked to do more with fewer supplies, people, and finances. Although this challenge has been around longer than the latest economic down turn, it has been heightened by it. Very often our conversations with leaders and managers turn to motivation and asking more from people within their organization. With businesses making tough decisions, the customers, internal and external, continue to demand the best possible service.

While we continue to work with organizations, I continuously look to understand the scope of this concern. Michael G. Faith, CEO of said,”Some have argued that the quality and level of customer service has decreased in recent years, and that this can be attributed to a lack of support or understanding at the executive and middle management levels of a corporation and/or a customer service policy.” If you are a leader in a manufacturing organization or a financial institution, the chances are you are facing the same challenge. Engaging people and keeping them involved, will lead to the success of all organizations.

From: The Strategy-Focused Organization by Robert S. Kaplan & David P. Norton states, “By the end of the twentieth century, the book value of tangible assets accounted for only 10 percent to 15 percent of companies’ market value. Clearly, opportunities for creating value are shifting, managing tangible assets to managing knowledge-based strategies that deploy an organization’s intangible assets: Customer relationships, innovative products and services, high quality and responsive operating processes, information technology and data bases, and employee capabilities, skills and motivation.”

How do you motivate and engage an employee base? In the ever increasing struggle for market share customer satisfaction and employee motivation, this will continue be part of the 75% intangible assets that lead to a company’s success and growth. As we move into the fall and hopefully the beginning of better economic times, we may want to face one of the biggest challenges leaders should be aware of. With that being said we have put together a list of five ideas to start the process.

  1. Identify a problem. Put together a team of employees to solve the problem that affects them. This will engage people and help build as team. As they sift through and solve the problem, allow them to implement the change build long-term success.
  2. Encourage ideas from people. As leaders we sometimes forget some of the biggest challenges can be solved by those who perform the day to day operations. We work with organizations that have implemented the “Idea System”. This system constantly encourages people to offer ideas to help in the day to day operations. By doing so the employees are helping organizations to solve problems locally and building ownership of their organization.
  3. Create a climate survey. This will allow leaders to find out what people think about the service they are giving. Once you complete this process, you will have employees participating in solving the outcome of the survey and creating starting points to work on the improvements.
  4. Teach managers to be coaches and not directors. When times are tough and everyone is working hard, managers can sometimes slip into the role of director. Coaching takes time but will change behaviors and develop skills. Directing solves an immediate problem and misses empowerment opportunities.
  5. Be patient. In the ever fast-moving business environment .change, participation, and motivation do not happen instantly. It will be something that takes time because, after all, it is a process that is transformational, not transactional.

Source by Craig Twombly

Prostate Milking – The Best Position to Stimulate the Prostate

The act of stimulating the prostate gland in order for men to reach orgasm or ejaculate is called prostate milking. This could be done for medical reasons or just for the fun and pleasure that it brings. We must understand what prostate milking is first before we tackle more about the topic.

Let’s talk about the medical reasons first, medical doctors have used this technique to relieve the pain felt by the people who have prostate disorder. They also use prostate milking when they need to get a semen sample from paralyzed patients. They soon discovered that there are more benefits that could be reaped from performing prostate milking though. One of those said benefits is the less chance of acquiring prostate cancer.

How does this work?

The doctors explained that when men ejaculate or have orgasm in the normal way, not all of the semen gets released. There are traces of the semen left behind and given the right situation; those could develop into prostate cancer. I am not saying that these residues are the only culprit to having prostate cancer. I am merely saying that they contribute to the chance of having one.

Let us move on to something much fun. As I have mentioned earlier, another reason for prostate milking could be because of the ecstatic feeling that it brings to us men and for some couples alike. Though it may be considered taboo, we cannot deny the fact that it really brings a higher level of satisfaction.

Many couples have even testified that performing the act not only gives men pleasure but it also brings great pleasure for both parties. Having this in mind, did you know that there are different positions in performing this? Do you know what position works for you? If you are not familiar with the different positions of prostate milking then let me teach you some. You could determine later what works for you. Mind you, there are some things you must remember before doing any of these positions.

First of all, prostate milking could be done either by only you or with the help of your partner. Second, you have the liberty of using your fingers or an adult toy. Just make sure to lubricate before inserting anything. Lastly, have proper hygiene when performing this because you would have to touch or apply pressure in sensitive areas. Read on and enjoy.

• PROSTATE MILKING POSITION 1: STANDARD FETAL POSITION. Do this by lying on your side and bending your knees. Place your knees as close to your stomach as possible. By being in this position, you could easily reach for your anus or your perineum.

• PROSTATE MILKING POSITION 2: LIE ON YOUR BACK AND LIFT YOUR LEGS. Insert your finger or your toy before you proceed to be on this position. Also remember that you have to do this slowly so as not to cause any damage to the membranes inside your anus. You could also place padding underneath the small of your back so that you would be more comfortable in the position.

• PROSTATE MILKING POSITION 3: ON ALL FOURS. You could start by kneeling on a soft surface. You could either do this on the bed or anywhere that you may fancy. You could experiment on this position. You could try stretching your hands farther away in front of you. You could also try and arch your back for a bit.

There are still other positions for prostate milking that you could try. Your imagination and your creativity would be the only limits. Bear in mind that though pleasure is good, it is still better to on the safe side of things.

Source by Martin Stonehaven

Reigniting the Spark to Get Back the Passion in Your Relationship

Sometimes a lack of sexual intimacy or affection is primarily due to a lack of passion in your relationship. Once you get that back, you will likely find that your sex life steadily (or even quickly) gets back on track.

It’s not uncommon for couples who have been together for many years to feel as if they have “fallen out of love” with each other. One or both of you may feel that the attraction has died as well. If you have neglected to take care of yourself physically, it can be a serious turnoff to your mate (and vice-versa). While you may defensively say that your partner is shallow to care about superficial things, you need to accept the fact that physical attractiveness does matter to some degree.

If you are a woman who has gained 50 to 100 pounds since you first started dating your partner, do you really expect him to get turned on by your body? Would you be aroused by him if he were twice the size he was when you first got married? Probably not, in either case. Yet many people get offended when it is suggested that the fact that they let themselves go may be a significant part of the problem.

Also, if you have neglected your physical appearance, it is likely that your self-esteem, as well as your energy level, have plummeted as a result. You may be less enthusiastic and self-confident in bed, two traits which are usually very attractive to both men and women. So if those traits are lacking, it can be a turnoff to your partner.

If you truly want to bring back the flame of passion that was so wonderful and exciting when you first got together, you need to consider what you can do to make yourself more attractive to your partner again. This doesn’t mean you have to have cosmetic surgery or starve yourself until you look like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. But getting back to a healthy weight, firming up your muscles, and dressing in clothes that flatter you rather than spending all your time wearing baggy clothes or sweats can go a long way towards getting your partner’s attention again.

In addition to physical appearance, finding something to be passionate and enthusiastic about, exercising more so you have more energy, and being a happier person (rather than an angry, unhappy partner) will make you much more attractive as well!

There are many other things you can do to reignite the passion in your relationship as well:

• Start flirting again. Let your partner know you think he’s hot. Leave him playful notes in his briefcase or via text messages to let him know you’re thinking of him and how you’d like to “please” him when he gets home. Anticipation is a significant part of the excitement. Remember how excited you felt when you were first together and you couldn’t wait to be intimate?

• Make a date night as often as possible. Couples often forget how to date after they’ve been together for a long time. This is especially a problem for couples who have children and never take any time to be alone as a couple, away from the kids.

If you think this is selfish, neglectful, or self-indulgent, you couldn’t be more wrong! One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a healthy and happy relationship with your partner! Not only does this make the home environment a happier place for them, it also shows them a healthy example of a loving relationship. When your children grow up they will tend to emulate your relationship in their own. Don’t you want them to have happy, healthy relationships when they grow up?

• Take your partner to an adult store and have fun choosing some toys. While it may seem silly at first, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone just a little to liven up your sex life. Maybe merely buying some exotic massage oil or sexy lingerie will do it. It doesn’t have to be anything bizarre or kinky. Have fun with it. Along these same lines, don’t be afraid to try a new sexual position or sensual massage. Trying something new creates a feeling of adventure that may have been missing in your relationship for a very long time.

• Another way you can reignite the passion is to bring romance back into your relationship. When was the last time you did something truly romantic for your partner? Sadly, you may be taking your partner for granted. You may also believe the myth that romance is not important. Well, it is. Not only is it fun, it is a way of showing your partner that you love and appreciate him.

While traditional romantic gestures such as gifts and candlelight dinners still have their place, you may be surprised what your partner would consider “romantic”. Some women feel that one of the most romantic things their husband could do is take the children out for pizza or a movie for a couple of hours so she can take a bubble bath and just relax in peace and quiet. Romance can really entail anything that shows your partner how special he is to you. Do those romantic gestures frequently!

• Don’t forget to show affection outside of the bedroom. When you and your partner were first together, you probably held hands every chance you got, kissed frequently, and put your arms around each other. How often do you do any of that now?

Touch is a powerful form of non-verbal communication. Don’t neglect it with your partner. Hug each other more often. Hold hands. Kiss often. Again, these displays of affection not only bring you closer to each other, they reassure your children, if they are still at home, that your relationship is happy and secure. Kids pick up on negative vibes and often blame themselves when their parents split up. Don’t be afraid to show genuine affection in front of them. You, your partner, and your children will all benefit as a result!

• One last thing: If you or your partner have any medical or physical issues that are interfering with your love life, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor. Health issues can wreak havoc with a person’s libido, energy level, and ability to perform sexually. Women who are going through or have gone through menopause may be experiencing hormonal issues that can significantly impact their self-esteem, body image, and sexual enjoyment. Men can also develop problems with impotence and other physical problems that affect them sexually as they get older.

Don’t accept that this is “just part of getting older” and let your love life suffer as a result. You owe it to yourself, your partner, and your relationship to look into remedies or other options that will allow you to continue having a gratifying and active sex life.

Source by Ahmad Wajidi

Fleshlight Premature Ejaculation – Using Sex Toys to Help Delay Ejaculation

The fleshlight is one of the most popular male sex toys and is a great tool for helping to prevent or just delay premature ejaculation. It’s popular due to its very discrete and portable design and is made from lifelike high quality silicon and comes it a few different styles and colors.

The fleshlight is great at simulating the experience and feelings of real life intercourse making training your premature ejaculation much more realistic.

Fleshlight Premature Ejaculation Exercise

Many people buy the ribbed version of the fleshlight to get a more intense sensation out of it that way developing much more control when it comes to the real thing as it will be quite mild compared to the ribbed edges of fleshlight.

The best way to train to prevent ejaculation is to first warm up the fleshlight in warm water for a few minutes and then apply some water based lubrication. Start by moving into the fleshlight to simulate a realistic simulation as this is where you need the most control as just using your hand to control the fleshlight usually doesn’t test your staying power.

Start using the fleshlight as you like while maintaining control of your PC muscle, you may become excited but try to calm yourself and relax the muscle. It may start contracting violently and this is something you want to avoid to prevent reaching the point of no return. Continue the exercise and stop all activity if you feel you may be close to the edge and continue. By practicing long sessions you can develop control but be sure to take it slowly and build up your time over days and plenty of rest.

You may find if you get to close to climax your exercise will suffer the next day so learn to know your limits and build up your control.

Source by Phillip Webb

Self Prostate Stimulation & Massaging – 5 Steps to Self Prostate Milking

A Prostate massage also known as self prostate milking is one of the most pleasurable activity a man can experience in his lifetime. It is not only pleasurable, but it helps maintain a healthy Prostate. Self stimulation encourages a rich blood flow. It can also be used as a preventative measure against prostate cancer.

The question is often asked, how can one perform self prostate stimulation? While the activity suggest “self”, it actually implies that your partner should be involved in the process. You should discuss it with your partner and make sure that you both are comfortable with performing the activity.

Here are 5 basic steps to accomplish self prostate milking to the point of inducing an orgasm. While a video would provide a better guide, we will do our best to describe the procedure. There are also a few diagrams online that can help the process.

1. Preparation of Physical Space – Make the Man Comfortable

Preparing the room in which the massage will occur is quite simple. You will need a bed with fresh sheets. Light some sweet smelling candles at the four corners of the room. Turn off the lights or dim its brightness.

2. Set the Mood

Put on soothing music like jazz or other smooth genre of music. This will set the mood for the moment. Playing this kind of music will greatly and positively enhance your partner comfort zone and the activity.

3. You will need the following;

You will need a clean hand towel, a pair of latex gloves, lubricant and massaging oil.

4. Get Your Partner to relax – With a Massage

o To do this you must place your male partner in the prepared room.

o Allow him to lay on the front part of his body and allow him get into a comfortable position.

o Get out the massage oil and begin massaging your partner’s neck, back and then buttocks.

o Alternate the movements between long strokes and short circular movements.

o While doing this talk to your partner softly into relaxation. Allow him to do some mental imagery by describing pleasant and calming experiences.

o Do this for about ten to fifteen minutes for the least or more if you like.

5. Start the Prostate massage or stimulation

o Put on the latex gloves on your dominant hand and put some lubricant on your index and middle finger.

o Start the massage by making gentle circular movements with the tips of your fingers around the anus.

o Gently slide your index finger into the anus. Ensure that your partner is still relaxed when doing this.

o Allow your finger to go in straight aiming in the direction of the navel.

o Continue moving in until you come in contact with the gland. It is a walnut shape gland with two sides and a ridge in the middle.

o Continuously and gently stroke the gland in circular motions, from side to side and down the ridge in the middle.

o Try to be especially careful with the sensitive ridge in the middle, touch it gently.

o Repeat the gently massage of the gland until your partner experiences an orgasm

There are many health and pleasure benefits to be had from this activity.

Source by Karen Xavier

Penis Pump Issues – Discover Why Using a Penis Pump Is Not Recommended

Today, it isn’t that difficult to find a penis pump or other enlargement products and procedures. The media are now openly advertising the use of pumps, pills, exercises, weights and surgeries that all claim to effectively increase the girth and length of your penis. However, caution should be practiced if you wish to use a certain method or product.

Be aware that not all that you find over the internet are reliable. Especially when it comes to matters about your wellness and health, you should take the time to learn. Penis pump scams are widespread and ignorance does not excuse you from the injuries that unreliable products might cause.

Common Penis Enlargement Scams:

1. Penis Pumps

These gadgets are often recommended for people with erectile dysfunction. Blood is being drawn into the penis which causes an erection that lasts for only around 30 minutes. If you use a penis pump for a long time, it can cause elastic tissue in the penis to become damaged. This results to weaker erections. Although using a penis pump may really give an illusion of a bigger penis, the effects are not permanent.

2. Stretching the penis using weights

Imagine weights being attached to your flaccid penis and letting your penis carry the dangling weight. Fact is, there is no evidence that this method works.

3. Lotions and creams

These are easy to apply and seem like it won’t cause any serious effect. However, these lotions and creams might be irritating to your skin so make sure you check your sensitivity to the product before you apply it on your sensitive organ.

4. Penis enhancement pills

If a penis pump does not prove to create a lasting enlargement effect, so do penis enhancement pills. If you are taking other medication, you better make sure that the drugs you are taking are compatible with each other so you don’t end up in a hospital bed.

Many companies claim that their products work but before you go ahead and believe the serious advertisements and overflowing testimonials, check if it is FDA-approved. In one article written by the Mayo Clinic staff, it was stated that there is no nonsurgical method approved by the Food and Drug Administration that could give you a bigger penis.

No pump, pill, cream or lotion is supported by scientific research because as of now, only the surgical treatments for penis enlargement are based on studies. Make sure you do not fall prey for these scams.

Source by Johannes Thomas

7 Great Tips for Improving Your Sex Life

First of all, the term “great sex” is totally subjective. What I considered great sex or a fantastic lover to me many years ago does not even come close in measuring up to subsequent sexual experiences. I didn’t know what I was missing as I had nothing better to compare it to at the time. Lucky for me it has become progressively better and I’ve learned so much about my own sexuality and relationships over the years. Also, I have learned a lot of terrific tips from working with many other couples in facilitating relationship counseling. In particular, I’ve gained many insights about women who have certain hang-ups with sexual intimacy.

Many women remain remarkably confused about what great sex is and how to have it. Sometimes they are shadowed by self-doubt, and clouded by sexual myths and misperceptions. Often women tend to get in their own way of being able to experience greater sexual pleasure and more intimate relationships. They seem to self-sabotage opportunities for real intimacy with their own insecurities. That brings us to the first and most important sex tip:

1: Do not compare yourself to other women.

Every man I’ve talked to about sexuality and relationships agrees that the most attractive quality in a woman is self-confidence. When you compare yourself to other women, whether it may be people you know or have seen in magazines or in the media, it tends to trigger insecurity and a lack of confidence with your own body and sexuality. If you focus on your self-perceived physical flaws, then it may draw more attention to them and distract you from enjoying the experience. Rather, practice conveying undeniable self-assurance and certainty that is obvious by the look in your eyes and the energy you project. Know that YOU are the one that he’s lucky enough to be with, and to make the best of the opportunity to deepen your connection and have a good time.

2: Have a sense of humor about sex.

Sex is not always picture perfect and impeccably performed like a scene out of a romance novel. There may be times when things just don’t go quite the way you’d like them to. One of you may have difficulty with a certain sexual position, or get a cramp, or be interrupted by a phone call or a knock at the door. There may be awkward moments with involuntary bodily functions occurring during lovemaking, or capturing the interest of your dog who wants to get in on all the fun. Sometimes you just need to laugh! As life, love and sex always organically unfold in unexpected ways. When you can lighten up and not take things so seriously, then it’s easier to enjoy sex however it all plays out.

3: Communication is key. Ask for what you want.

Take up a little pillow talk before or after sex to communicate what turns you on the most, or what may not necessarily be your cup of tea. Discuss your preferences and what works for you, as well as asking questions about what your partner is partial to. Share your fantasies and interests about sexuality, and if necessary, you can even demonstrate what feels good or how the best way is to make you orgasm. Men are not very good mind readers. In fact, most of them need very clear direction as to what to do and how to do it. The good thing is that most men are easily trainable, and with clear communication, they will most likely do whatever they can to please you. The more you become comfortable and familiar with your own sexual potential, then the easier it is to lead the way into a more pleasurable experience.

4: It’s more about the journey and not so much the destination.

Perhaps for most animal species, as well as a lot of men, the objective of sex is to ejaculate. If you’re only focused on the end result, the final destination, then you may miss out on all the fun to be had along the way. Sex is more of a journey and it is essential to be fully present in each and every moment of the entire experience. There are many ways to focus your energy and awareness in co-creating each step of your “sexpedition”. Make eye contact as much as possible and try to synchronize your breathing. Also take time for exploring one another’s bodies with your hands, your mouth, various props – whatever will intensify sensitivity and intimate connection. Try mixing it up with various positions and locations, as well as erogenous intermissions to stimulate your most sensitive areas for added excitement.

5: You don’t have to perform like a porn star.

This is where many men get hung up, as they most likely learned a lot about sex from pornography. They may have high expectations of how both women and men should behave sexually based on what they’ve been exposed to in porn films. The obvious truth is, most couples don’t look or act like porn stars and should not expect their partner to perform like one. Adult entertainers get paid to act, and sometimes exploit the sacred practice quite outrageously. Porn can sometimes inspire us to greater sexual exploration; however it’s not always an ideal depiction of a ‘normal’ sex life with average couples. It may be amusing to view porn occasionally for fun and a bit of a turn on, however, excessive exposure to another’s erotic production might distort our perception of reality, expectations and relationships.

6: Schedule time for sex.

It may seem a bit impersonal; however the anticipation of an impending sexual agenda can be rather arousing and stimulating. It also may help reduce the guesswork – nothing is more frustrating that getting yourself in the mood and then finding out his plans to watch a football game. Scheduling time for sex is great for couples in long-term relationships, who’ve passed the can’t-keep-their-hands-off-each-other phase. You can stoke the fire and spark the passion by establishing a time for intimacy, then tease one another throughout the day with provocative innuendos. When your intentions are clearly stated, you can be ready and avoid distractions and disruptions. The phones are turned off, the kids are at a friend’s house, the dog is locked out, and you can be completely focused on one another. When we are more prepared, like having your teeth brushed and wearing some sexy panties or lingerie, then you may be less self-conscious and more in the mood for uninhibited playtime.

7: Keep it interesting. Spice up the same ol’ standby.

Many couples fall into a routine with their usual sexual interplay, which is all right if you’re both satisfied with the way it is. But it seems a bit trite at times, then try some new things and keep an open mind about introducing different sexual scenarios and products. You may want to experiment with various couples toys such as the We Vibe, or warming gels for a rousing tingling sensation that will really tickle your fancy. If you’re concerned about the quality of products and prefer to keep it all organic and pure, then you may consider trying [G] stimulating gel, which is the only all-natural lubricant and clitoral stimulating gel with added health benefits. [G] also contains carageenan, which is a sea algae that may help prevent certain STDs and cervical cancer.

Source by Allura Joy

Learn Male G Spot Massage Orgasm by Educational Video

For a man, an orgasm achieved through the male g spot is an extremely pleasurable experience. The male g spot, or prostate gland, provides a source of intensity for men unlike any other. While the prostate is located fairly close to the anal opening, sometimes men find it helpful to consult male g spot videos to learn proper techniques.

Male g spot videos are very useful tools for preventing discomfort or injury. In order for a man to achieve orgasm or simply experience the powerful effects of prostate stimulation, the anus is the only route. Since the anus and anal canal are such delicate areas, male g spot videos can provide helpful solutions for making the experience as comfortable as possible.

Another practical function of male g spot videos is to teach different methods of stimulation. While many men gain pleasure from stroking the prostate area, male g spot videos usually explain other approaches, including touching, teasing, or wiggling a finger to set off powerful sensations. For men who are ready to share the experience with a partner, male g spot videos are an invaluable source of information.

There are a variety of male g spot videos on the market, but not all are created equal. It is important to find a video that is easy to follow, instructive, and informal. While many people find erotic videos arousing, they should not be used as educational tools. There is a significant difference between male g spot videos specifically designed for learning purposes and those intended for pure entertainment.

Reaching new heights of pleasure through the male g spot is an incredible way for man to grow sexually, especially those who share the experience with a partner. Once the best technique has been found, renting or buying male g spot videos with a significant other can become a new part of any sexual relationship.

Source by Maurice Tate

Hot Erotic Sex Games For Couples

Couples can enjoy steamy nights together by playing some hot erotic sex games to spice up their sex lives. Many couples complain that their sex lives have become more like boring routines after they have been together for quite some time. If you are experiencing the same thing, it is not time for you to learn how to spice things up.

Sex game is a great tool to spice up your sex life as it creates the sexual anticipation and desire that are necessary if you want to enjoy an overall satisfying love making experience with your lover.

Sex games can also enable you to prolong your foreplay as research has shown that the best way to intensify orgasms and overall love making experience is having prolonged foreplay.

So let me just share with you 3 simple erotic sex games that you can try out immediately with your lover tonight:

1. Strip Poker. Do you have a deck of cards at your house? If you have it, is game on. After every round, the loser will have to take off something that he or she is wearing.

2. Erotic Card Play. Take a deck of cards and assign one naughty and erotic action to each number. For example, an ace is for a blow job, etc. Now, spread the card on your bed. You and your lover will take turn to draw the cards and whatever the card says to do; your lover must do it.

3. Erotic Alphabets. You will start with the letter “A” and caress or kiss the body part of your lover which starts with the letter “A”. Then your lover will move on to letter “B” and perform the same thing on you. You will be amazed by how the both of you can get to come out with a body part for every letter.

These are a few erotic games ideas to get you going. But for a full, sizzling collection of many more erotic games, check out the website below:

Source by Crid Lee

Prostate Massage For Prostate Cancer Prevention

Health is wealth. This has been a saying that we have been hearing since I was a kid. Unfortunately for some or even most of us, we only get to understand this quote’s real value when we are already struck with disease. For my fellow men, I would like to share with you a study I have read in a medical magazine. Once we have reached the age of 70, our chances of developing prostate cancer increases to 50%. A few pages after this study, I read about prostate massage for prostate cancer prevention, an appropriate follow-up.

My grandfather is the exhibit A for the American study I have read. It was three years ago when grandpa left us due to complications brought by his cancer in the prostate. I can still remember how we got the dreadful news about his disease. It was just few days after his 72nd birthday. He is known to follow a good diet, and an active gardener. So, it came as a surprise to us. We are saddened by the news as grandpa is very dear to everyone.

Since then, I started to research about prostate cancer: its cause, effect, and treatments. I have read that susceptibility to cancer can be determined through genes. So, I also looked at our family tree and traced who had cancer. I have an uncle who has the same disease too, and an aunt who had it on her breast. This discovery pushed me to learn of ways that could ensure my freedom from prostate cancer.

I have to have my diet altered, as well as my lifestyle. I began to exercise more and be more accommodating to leafy greens. However, there was one tactic that really caught my attention, it’s the prostate massage. It is a practice that could clear out the insides of the gland, freeing it from the old alkaline residues that have been stuck inside. Again, men should also cleanse their prostate to save it from sickness. I am wondering why this preventive measure has been kept to the public. It would have saved lives if people have been informed.

So, how does a massage can do wonders? You see, stimulating the prostate though a gentle massage can elicit a reaction similar to orgasm. The body will feel the tingling sensation that is alike to the usual release we experience. However, with prostate massage the feeling is much intense. There is also a difference with the fluid released. It has a watery consistency due to the alkaline liquid.

This practice has been utilized in the medical field for a long time. Doctors do this when they need to get semen sample for paraplegics, or other special cases that needs help in orgasm. If done properly, or done with knowledge, preparation, and care, prostate massage is safe. Most importantly, it takes practice and patience to be able to successfully execute the prostate orgasm.

The best part about this prostate massage, not only does it help prevent prostate cancer, but it can also be the highlight in your romantic rendezvous. If you have an adventurous partner, then telling her or him would just be an easy task. For those who perceive their partners as a little on the conservative side, you don’t have to shut this idea immediately. Talking does wonders too. If you have the needed information, you may actually convince your other half.

If your lover feels a little queasy about the idea of exploring your bottom, you may use an adult toy that would help you reach prostate orgasm. There is a line of toy that specializes on this need. They are made to give you or your love one a prostate massage to prevent prostate cancer, and an orgasm that would prevent boring chilly nights.

Source by Martin Stonehaven